BCB 4 Part Crusader Cooking Kit


BCB 4 Part Crusader Cooking Kit

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BCB 4 Part Crusader Cooking Kit

A great set for preparing meals out in the wilderness, this 4 part cooking unit features a high quality stainless steel cooker, steel cup, plastic water bottle and plastic mug.
The innovative cooker is designed to hold either gel fuel or solid hexamine fuel blocks and its integral folding arm provides the stand for the stainless steel cup canteen which doubles as a cooking pot for quick meals. The cooker is designed to maximise air-flow and in high winds flames can be drawn up the sides of the cup.
The crusader cup canteen is constructed of high grade stainless steel and is suitable for use as a cup or small cooking pot.

It has been designed to fit beneath the NATO water bottle as part of the BCB Complete Cooking System.
The plastic water bottle, mug, cup and cooker all fit neatly together, taking up minimal space in your backpack.

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Contains: steel Crusader cooker, steel Crusader cup, plastic water canteen and plastic mug
Crusader cooker and cup canteen are made of high quality stainless steel
All parts slot neatly together for easy packing

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BCB 4 Part Crusader Cooking Kit

BCB 4 Part Crusader Cooking Kit

BCB 4 Part Crusader Cooking Kit

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