Company History


DSL (Disposal Services) is formed in partnership with Field Textiles. DSL is awarded the MoD disposals contract for miscellaneous and textile goods. The sales team is thus expanded to offer more service to the growing worldwide customer base.


Ramco achieve the Occupational Health and Safety BS OHSAS 18001 accreditation.


Ramco relocate under one roof to a larger facility in Skegness. This move allows for more storage, modern offices and better Tender Sale viewing areas for visitors.


New Ramco Surplus Outlet opens. Brand new tools, hardware and workwear available from the major industry brands including Scruffs Workwear, Irwin and Draper.


ISO 14001 accreditation is achieved. A disposal service for non MoD customers is developed.


The sale of the 2000th generator takes place. Ramco is awarded a 4th contract for the disposal of American military surplus.


ISO 9001 accreditation is achieved. The 10th successful audit is carried out by the National Audit Office.


A department to refurbish generators is opened and over 1,000 trailer mounted generator sets are collected throughout the year. Ramco is awarded a 3rd contract for disposal of the American surplus.


Ramco is awarded a contract to handle the sale of vehicle spares for the MoD. An eBay department is opened and rapidly begins to find customers worldwide.


Ramco is awarded its 2nd contract for the disposal of American surplus. An online tendering system is introduced.


Ramco are awarded a contract to handle the disposal of all MoD catering equipment. Corgi registration is achieved and a catering refurbishment department opens.


A fire in our warehouse destroys all the stock and over 125,000 square feet of warehouse capacity. Ramco are operational again within 6 weeks at an alternative site.


After stiff competition Ramco are awarded a 2nd MoD disposals contract becoming 1 of only 2 contractors in the UK handling miscellaneous surplus. Ramco wins a contract to handle the disposal of surplus equipment from the American Department of Defence.


A retail shops opens at the Croft site selling Genuine Government surplus to members of the general public. Ramco are awarded the contract to handle a 4th region of the UK.


Ramco are awarded the contract to handle a 3rd region of the UK.


Ramco are awarded an MoD disposals contract covering 2 geographical regions of the UK out of 8. We start trading from Croft in Lincolnshire with 5 employees and zero turn over!


Ramco compete Nationally against 2,000 other companies wishing to handle the sale of MoD surplus. We make the final shortlist.