Ramco Signs Contract with London Legacy Development Corporation

Ramco manage major Asset Disposal contract for the London Legacy Development Corporation

In 2013 Ramco working in partnership with Bywaters were awarded a unique contract for the management of surplus assets from the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park following the London 2012 Olympic Games.

During 2013 and 2014 assets were both sold commercially and gifted to local community groups, with Ramco and Bywaters taking responsibility for site management, sales, marketing and the gifting process.

The gifting process was enhanced through the development by Ramco of a new website www.freeusable.co.uk which allowed community groups and organisations to register and then request assets for their own community use. An excellent example of this has been the reuse of the seating from the London Aquatics arena following the completion of the games.

The project continues today and has been a resounding success.

“We have worked with Ramco and Bywaters over the past 18 months on a project that has been unusual in its scope and in its objectives – to maximise reuse and to give items away to community groups. Throughout the project the team has risen to, and met, all of the challenges that we have thrown at them with unwavering professionalism and fortitude. As a result, our work together has delivered to time, to budget, and has even been enjoyable along the way.”

Emily Greaves
Sustainability Project Officer

London Legacy Development Corporation

“This has been a hugely challenging but immensely enjoyable experience. Bringing together one of the UK’s leading asset disposal organisations to work in partnership with a leading UK waste management provider has resulted in our providing a truly complete disposal solution for the London Legacy Development Corporation”

Nick Baines
Commercial Director

Ramco UK Ltd

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