A leading provider of profitable, efficient, compliant and sustainable disposal solutions...

Whether it's the sales and marketing for the unwanted assets from a major sporting event, the decommissioning and removal of kitchen and other machinery prior to new installations, or simply the demilitarising, dismantling and disposal of military assets in hostile environments - RAMCO are your team.


Asset Management

Ramco are able to offer a wide range of Asset management options including simply purchasing your unwanted assets, selling them on your behalf and/or managing the complete process of evaluation, marketing and sales, wherever you are.

Using our experienced removal engineers, we efficiently remove and collect your surplus goods from your site, bringing them back to our facility to be sold via one of our various routes to market. We comprehensively manage the process and make asset disposal easy and beneficial for you!

Auctioneering Services

Working with the UK MoD, US Department of Defence and other major clients for the past 17 years Ramco has extended its unique sales and marketing offering to include a wide range of additional services to further support our ever-growing client base. Using various dedicated and targeted online auctions, we market your quality surplus goods to our diverse customer base. We always endeavour to provide you with the highest-possible financial return on your goods in as short time as possible. 

Benefits of asset disposal:


Unbeknown to most, many surplus goods can offer real value and therefore shouldn’t be unnecessarily thrown in the skip or passed onto the scrap man. Companies can return a healthy profit on their surplus goods by disposing of them in a more managed process.


By properly disposing of your surplus assets, you can reap the benefits of adopting and integrating sustainability into your business operations. Being sustainable will reduce waste, minimise costs, increasing productivity and give you a competitive advantage.


Rigorously and thoroughly disposing of your surplus assets in a managed process will help you to be a compliant and commercially sound operation; which in turn reduces risk and gives your business stability.


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