Taking cyber-security seriously.

Taking cyber-security seriously.

We know the importance of ensuring that our IT systems are completely secure and appropriately guarded against common cyber threats. Any breach of our systems could potentially mean that the vast records of data currently held within our systems, including personal customer information, could be at risk of being shared.

Therefore, to not only provide the business with the ‘sense of security’ (pardon the pun!) that our systems are resilient enough to withstand any potential threats, but also to demonstrate our commitment to cyber-security and provide reassurance to customers, Ramco has recently undergone a rigorous external testing process and have subsequently been awarded certification for Cyber Essential Plus. 

The government-led accreditation, overseen by The National Cyber Security Centre, recognises and certifies only the very highest standard of cyber-security. They are, by far, the toughest, most prolific and most highly regarded cyber-related credentials available for businesses. The rigorous assessment process comprises of an on-site audit encompassing tests such as an Authenticated Vulnerability Scan, an Email Attachment Check, anti-virus test and a full review of mobile phone/tablet activity and security.

After successfully achieving Cyber Essentials Plus certification, we can confidently confirm that Ramco’s systems are well placed to resist any potential cyber-attack and mitigate any risks associated with threats to our technological infrastructure.

To find out more about Cyber Essentials Plus, visit this link. 


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    Feb 4, 2020

    We should not be complacent when it comes to cyber security especially in Data Sovereignty. Our systems must be secured.

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    Horea Kaii
    Feb 12, 2020

    Every businesses should secure their irs tax id all the time. It is really very important.

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    Lovely Tugwell
    Feb 17, 2020

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    Jun 16, 2020

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