Why we’ve decided to become a sponsorship partner for the 2020 Footprint Awards!

Why we’ve decided to become a sponsorship partner for the 2020 Footprint Awards!

We’re proud to announce that Ramco UK Ltd has just become a sponsorship partner for next years’ Footprint Awards!

Footprint Media Group, the publishers responsible for the Footprint Awards, is a group at the very forefront of sustainable and responsible business practice in the foodservice, hospitality and grocery retail sector.

The only real ‘sector-specific’ provider of information exclusively related to sustainability and responsible business, Footprint Media Group allow the market to consume, share and discuss information on what is a very important topic within the global food industry. As the unrivalled authority within the industry, Footprint are central to driving research, innovation, transparency and collaboration within the industry; ultimately providing the key to a real, positive and consistent transition towards sustainability throughout the food industry supply chain.

First introduced in November 2010, and since going from strength to strength, Footprint Awards is the annual celebration of the work that businesses in the food industry are doing to combat widespread environmental issues and contribute towards building a more sustainable industry. It is, as they call it, ‘a celebration of initiative and innovation, of commercial imagination and endeavour that recognises those organisations leading the way’. It’s a great opportunity for businesses of all shapes and sizes to receive a well-deserved accolade for their hard work and dedication to sustainability.

What makes the awards difficult to win is that sustainability is constantly moving; not just in relation to the foodservice industry, but on a wider basis too. There are always more-enhanced environmentally friendly alternatives or processes that offer more efficient, sustainable solutions.  What might have been considered the ultimate sustainable innovation three years ago is almost certainly a prerequisite now. The expectations and requirements for sustainability are ever-changing; so much so in fact that no business can ever be completely sustainable.

With environmental sustainability and ethical business practice contemporary issues that are both incredibly important to Ramco, we thought this is a great opportunity to maximise our contribution towards improving awareness of sustainability not just in the sector but across a wider boundary too. Putting sustainability at the top of the agenda for foodservice operators not just improves commercial or operational environmental performance, but the domino effect also ensures that more customers will be aware of, and will themselves adopt, sustainable practices; ultimate creating an industry that leads the way in sustainability and inspires others.

If you're a company that, rightly so, prioritises sustainability and the environment; and if you think you've implemented an initiative worth shouting about, why not put your submission forward. The awards have previously been won by Brakes (Best Recycling Project), Sodexo (Best Waste Prevention Project – Non-food), Compass (Best Waste Prevention Project - Food), Innocent Drinks (Food Redistribution Award) and Fowler Welch (Best Practice in Logistics); to name a few. The initiatives introduced by these organisations have paved the way for the widespread commercial implementation of sustainable practices.

To find out more about Footprint/The Footprint Award, read about the winners of the awards in 2019 or to begin your submission for next year’s awards, click the links below:

About Footprint Media

About the Footprint Awards

Enter for the awards

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