Can't 'contain' our excitement...

Can't 'contain' our excitement...

Our new Surplus Sorted trailer collected a full load of Ammunition Containers from a munitions depot in Longtown, Cumbria last week - that's 4000 containers in total!

These have been kept in storage after being decommissioned and, although we don't know for sure, it is likely that many of these containers were deployed and put to use by our forces in locations across the world...if only they had eyes! 

Ramco arrived on site and efficiently removed and loaded the 48 pallets of ammo containers, leaving a happy customer with much more storage space!

Each of the containers have been fully restored, emptied and completely cleaned and are available to purchase now!

They can virtually be used for anything, but the most common ways we see them utilised are as:

  • Children's storage containers
  • Geocaching containers
  • Zombie Experiences 
  • Paintball Centres
  • Storage

Take a look at the links below to see some of the inventive ways these can be transformed and reused.
50 Uses for Ammo Containers

Ammo Container Projects

To find out more about these ammunition containers, get in touch with our sales team on 01754 880880 or contact

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