Find out about how you can reduce waste, improve productivity and significantly lessen operational costs in your food service business...

Find out about how you can reduce waste, improve productivity and significantly lessen operational costs in your food service business...

Want to find out about how you can dispose of surplus equipment compliantly, sustainably and profitably? Well come and speak to Ramco at The Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Show next year! 

The Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Show is an internationally renowned foodservice event compromising of four individual and more focussed mini shows. Covering Professional Kitchens, Foodservice, Hospitality Technology and Interiors and Tabletops, the event is a must for anyone operating in the hospitality and catering sector.

We'll be exhibiting in the Professional Kitchens hall and our team will be at hand to discuss the ever-growing requirement for businesses to dispose of their surplus assets more effectively. This increase can largely be attributed to the growing need for businesses to reduce financial risk, improve waste levels and make a cleaner environmental contribution. The Professional/Commercial Kitchen industry, market expected to be worth £82 billion by 2025, is steadily making a transition towards more meticulous asset disposal and waste-management innovation. 

Genuine surplus, redundant or damaged equipment is quite a regular occurrence for businesses in the catering sector. This comes as no surprise really; especially when you consider the incredibly high volumes of equipment being used by restaurants, commercial kitchens and other foodservice businesses every day. When catering equipment is no longer required by operators, or if there is no longer a requirement for it within the kitchen, it becomes a burden on the business by using up valuable space, time and money; causing a significant increase in operational costs. This is often why businesses consistently fail to see the value in used equipment, resulting in millions worth of working appliances being thrown away every year.

Essential to operating a successful foodservice organisation in the future is the thorough integration of sustainability into business operations. Not only can this reduce waste, improve productivity and lead to reduced operational costs; but this is also a great marketing asset to have. It is well-documented that today’s customers much prefer to buy from a business that puts sustainability at the forefront of its company values. 

Come and chat to us at the show to learn more about how you can make your business more successful and secure its long-term future!

If you’re already attending the Hotel, Restaurant and Catering show between the 3rd and 5th of March next year, make sure to come and have a chat with our team to find out more about the work we’ve been doing to help businesses improve their CSR profile and maximise value from their surplus assets. For those of you not yet attending – you can register your interest here:

Ramco have been responsible for managing surplus assets since 1992 and, having become a well-established and recognised name within the government surplus sector, are now one of the leading providers of asset disposal services across the UK. Ramco have vast experience across all depths of asset disposal; from removal, logistics, storage, marketing and re-sale of surplus equipment. We are confident of achieving the financial, asset management and decommissioning expectations of our clients, and have various routes to market in addition to a vast database of customers actively searching for surplus assets.

If you require any further information or if you wish to organise a meeting for the show, then please contact Liam Cameron on 07776993382 or


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