How we're bringing some sophistication and formality to the second-hand catering equipment space.

How we're bringing some sophistication and formality to the second-hand catering equipment space.

The food-industry has always been notoriously bad at disposing of equipment in a sustainable, efficient and profitable way. It tends to be one of those things that’s easily forgot about (especially when you’ve just installed a brand new, state-of-the-art oven!); but, facing increasing pressures to reduce their impact on the environment, businesses are steadily becoming more aware of the importance of managing surplus waste effectively.

In the current market, businesses NEED to manage their exposure and risk in order to become a sustainable, successful and, most importantly, profitable business. Well, Ramco can help businesses to achieve this. By helping you to dispose of goods more effectively; not only will you be doing something better for the environment, but you’ll also receive financial return from your goods. We can make the lives of professionals involved in managing or disposing of catering equipment much, much easier by completely managing the process. For us, end of use for one person doesn’t have to mean end of life for catering equipment completely; which is often the common misconception. We re-define the meaning of the work ‘product lifecycle’ and run it into the ground (as it should be!), and we have a huge database of buyers interested in procuring second-hand catering equipment, making ensuring a sale much easier! 

Our Business Development head Paul Fieldhouse met with Andrew Seymour from the Foodservice Equipment Journal recently to discuss the work that Ramco have been doing in the catering industry so far. ‘The work we did with Byron when they were having their issues is a good example of how we can provide support. They were delighted with what we were able to do for them’. Richard Pratt, Head of Construction at Byron, said, ‘Having engaged with the Ramco team, I was impressed with how they went through what services they said they could offer us. What impressed me was their determination and professionalism. I cannot recommend the team enough and using them for any strip out work is now an obvious choice’.

To find out about how we could help your business, whether catering or not, get in touch!

To read the special in full, visit this link: Ramco in the Foodservice Equipment Journal and go to pages 24-27. 

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