It's yacht rocket science!

It's yacht rocket science!

We've got our hands on a Botnia Targa 31 MKII!

Often described as the 4X4 of the sea, the Botnia Targa 31 MKII is a boat that has been built incredibly solidly and therefore has the ability to plough through waves, at speed, whilst deflecting spray. This might lead you to think that the handling is lethargic, but this is simply not the case. The Botnia Targas, Taransay 'handles more like a Porsche'; and is a well kitted out example of an extremely popular model. 

She was first launched in 2007 from Poole, Dorset and is only in her third ownership. The servicing and maintenance of the boat, under the current owner, has been managed by Berthon; and full details and invoices are available for inspection. 

"Motorboat & Yachting, February 2007: “We were tempted to give this award to the new 42 but there’s something about the 31 that we find even more appealing. For starters it has the pace and agility to embarrass many a so-called sport-cruiser. Then there’s the build quality, which shares more in common with a Swiss bank vault than a boat. Even the rugged styling and functional layout has an enduring appeal that keeps used ones in demand. But above all it’s a fantastically usable boat that every one of us would love to own.”

You can view full details here!

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