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You Gander in awe at Cheverton's re-birth!

You Gander in awe at Cheverton's re-birth!

One of the MoD’s last remaining Cheverton boats has been sold to Nile Teas (Uganda) Ltd. After leaving Ramco’s Croft site with all necessary export documentation, she wouldn’t quite fit (by an inch) into a sea container, so was shipped via roll on roll off to Mombasa where she was collected and driven north, finally arriving on Lake Victoria in Uganda. Following an extensive refurbishment programme, including new pumps; rewiring and repainting she now runs supplies to a tea plantation on an island in Lake Victoria.

Mr William Irving, Director of Nile Teas (Uganda) Ltd commented "Having found the vessel advertised on their website, Ramco were both knowledgeable about the product and quick to deal with my enquiry. She was in a pretty poor state but worth refurbishing once in Uganda".

Since 2004, Ramco has been managing the sale of small marine craft on behalf of the UK Ministry of Defence. A varied range of craft is available including work boats; RIB’S; landing craft and tugs.


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